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Handmade Leather Accessory
Saffiano leather bookcase
Fashion Combines Technology
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The Right Leather & Care

Welcome to the Northern Life

Limited edition

For leather fanatics worldwide. NorthLife is a new brand that offers handcrafted leather accessory for mobile devices. With the NorthLife products you got a combination of the latest fashion trends and the newest innovation in the field of technology.

With this handcrafted detachable bookwallet case you got a case that combines style with usability. The case has multiple features like the auto-sleep function and a RFID chip that protects you bankcards against skimming. The cases are crafted with the finest durable Leather and are European made.

> This limited edition detachable bookwallet case is available in the colors Tiguan black and Tiguan cognac.

Team NorthLife

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Dutch design, crafted by hand


  • Crafted by hand
  • Genuine cowhide
  • Detachable magnet
  • Card holder
  • RIFD (anti-skim)
  • Auto-sleep function (some models)
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