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The North Life

My name is Wout, i’m a Dutch entrepreneur from the north of Holland. I’m a ambitious young men who always looks for new high end fashion accessory in combination with the latest technology. Therefore I wanted to do something special for my final paper at the Hanze university of Groningen.


Since I was little I always wanted to start my own business and especially a business with my own brand. I wanted to see people walking around and enjoying the brand I created. The combination of my final paper and creating the brand was perfect. I had the time and resources to achieve my goals and starting the brand. This is when I started NorthLife.


The NorthLife name was created because of my northern heritage. It had to be something with “North” in the name and “Life” is the way of living in the north. In short version NorthLife stands for NL, the Netherlands.


The northern way of living is easy going and down to earth. These aspects are merged in our NorthLife products. The products are handcrafted with the highest care and are made of the best quality and sustainable genuine leather.

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Wout Bouwman | Founder